Dandruff on stones and bricks PX900

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This nano product is a water repellent for building facades with a variety of materials. This material has the ability to penetrate the building surfaces and can prevent the penetration of water and dandruff on various types of building facades and to waterproof various types of building surfaces, especially brick, cement, gypsum, thatch, stone, wood, hemp, carton, Paper and ..... be used. Also, this product, due to its high water repellency, causes the self-cleaning property of building facades.

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Dandruff on stones and bricks Dexter

This product is a versatile mass material for all types of building surfaces. In addition, it has a high scaling power and to remove all kinds of dandruff, plasters on the facade of buildings, services and halls, colored stains as well as cement stains attached to stone and ceramics and bricks after tiling And masonry is used.


Characteristics of dandruff on stone and brick:
Very strong and has very good performance
Very reasonable price
No damage to the surface if used properly
Suitable for removing all kinds of sulfate, carbonate dandruff, etc.
Removal of cements attached to stone, ceramics and bricks after tiling and masonry
Dandruff storage method on stone and brick:

This product should be stored in a dry, low light environment at a temperature of 15 to 30 ° C in a sealed container.

Uses of dandruff on stone and brick:

This solution is used to desalinate all types of facades and brick surfaces and all types of stone surfaces and to clean all types of building surfaces.

How to use dandruff on stone and brick:

The dandruff solution on the PX900 can be applied to the surface by a low pressure pump (all-plastic spray pump) or a brush. After 5 to 10 minutes, the surface soaked in the solution should be washed. Repeat this step if necessary. Until the surface is completely clean. Note: It is best to keep the surface moist before applying the dandruff on the PX900. To use this product, because it is acidic, you must use completely plastic equipment to move, store and spray it on the surface. Do not store in aluminum, copper, brass, zinc or galvanized containers due to reaction with metals. In case of contact with the skin, this product should be washed immediately with water and a doctor should be consulted if swallowed. This solution is free of hazardous and non-flammable volatile substances.

Technical specifications of dandruff on stone and brick:
Product appearance: Dark liquid
Appearance after execution: colorless
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