Delayed naphthalene superplasticizer NX204

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is a strong retarder of water and increases efficiency of concrete with the ability to delay the initial setting time.

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Delayed naphthalene superplasticizer | Dexter

Naphthalene superplasticizer is a strong retarder of water and increases the efficiency of concrete with the ability to delay the initial setting time.

The naphthalene retardant superplasticizer meets the following standards:
ASTM C494 / C494M TYPE G – EN934
ISIR2930 Table -12813
Features and applications of naphthalene retardant superplasticizer:
Reduction of mixing water up to 15% depending on the mixing scheme
Increase concrete performance without adding water
Increase the strength of concrete by reducing the mixing water
Ease of pumping
Compatibility with a variety of cements pozzolanic materials
Delay in initial setting

Uses of delayed naphthalene superplasticizer:
Making and carrying concrete over long distances
Concreting in very large sections, which requires a lot of time
Execution of concrete slabs, foundations, columns, walls
Manufacture of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete
Used in concretes where broken materials are used
How to use naphthalene superplasticizer:
Add to mixture
Add to batching during construction after adding 2/3 of the mixing water
Note: Never add to dry materials

Delayed consumption of naphthalene superplasticizer:

Depending on the mixing plan and environmental conditions, the amount of consumption is about 0.8 to 4.1 percent by weight of cement and cement substitutes.

The exact amount of consumption is obtained through workshop tests.

Technical specifications of naphthalene retardant superplasticizer product:
Physical state: liquid
Brown color
PH: 0/5 ± ۷/۵
Specific weight: 0.02 ± ۱/۱۹


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