Heblex adhesive CX160

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چسب هبلکس نوعی چسب پودری بر پایه سیمان با ترکیب سیلیس های دانه بندی شده و پلیمرهای خاص جهت نصب بلوک های هوادار اتوکلاو Acc می باشد.

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Heblex adhesive | Dexter

Heblex adhesive is a type of cement-based powder adhesive with a combination of granulated silica and special polymers for installing Acc autoclave blocks.

Features of Heblex adhesive:

Ease of implementation

Good compressive and tensile strength

Good durability to run

Resistant to moisture

Ability to present in different colors

Applications of Heblex adhesive:

Installation of lightweight concrete blocks (Acc)

Installation of pressure bricks and pottery in case of watering

Consumption of Heblex adhesive:

۲۵ kg bag for installing one cubic meter of light blocks (Acc)


How to use Heblex glue:

Depending on the weather conditions, pour 5.6 to 7 liters of water into a suitable container, then add the powder slowly to the water while the mixer is on. After mixing for three minutes, wait for two minutes. Mix again for another two minutes to To obtain a homogeneous dough, now apply the prepared dough with a toothed trowel of equal width on the execution surface and install the blocks. Note: Use the prepared dough for less than thirty minutes.

Physical and chemical properties of Heblex adhesive:

Physical state: powder

Color: (can be changed depending on customer request)

Specific weight: 0.05 ± ۱/۴۵ g / cm3

Ready dough weight: 0/2 ± ۱/۸۲ g / cm3

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