Microsilica Gel NX220 - NX221 - NX222

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از ژل میکروسیلیس می توان جهت افزایش روانی بتن، کاهش نفوذ پذیری بتن،کاهش هزینه حمل و نقل، افزایش مقاومت فشاری بتن و همچنین کاهش مصرف آب و سیمان استفاده نمود.

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Dextr microsilica gel | Dexter

Microsilica gel can be used to increase the flow of concrete, reduce the permeability of concrete, reduce transportation costs, increase the compressive strength of concrete and also reduce water and cement consumption.

Properties and effects of microsilica gel:
Reduces cement grade, waterlogging and concrete separation
Increase compressive, tensile and flexural strengths
Increases the durability and reliability of concrete in melting and freezing cycles
Reduced permeability to water, chlorine ions and sulfate influx
Increased concrete flow without the need for superplasticizer
Applications of microsilica gel:
Making high-strength concretes for bulk concreting
Concretes exposed to melting and freezing cycles
Sealing concrete, road and water tunnels, water transfer canals, treatment plant, tanks
Suitable for making explosive concrete and industrial hard floor concrete
Concreting in areas that have been attacked by chemicals and corrosives
Construction of concrete of piers, bridges, bridge decks, tanks and dams
Technical specifications of microsilica gel:
Physical state: Concentrated slurry
Specific weight: 0.05 ± ۱.۴۲ grams per cubic centimeter
Color: dark gray
Eun Keller: No.
Environmental pollution: None

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