Superplasticizer NX210

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Super plasticizer NX210

This super-plasticizer additive is based on polycarboxylate, super-reducing water, high rainfall mixing and maintaining concrete efficiency.

The NX210 superplasticizer meets the following standards:
ISIRI2930 – Table 384 ASTMC494 C494M TYPE F

NX210 Cloud plasticizer Features:
Increase concrete efficiency
Mixing water reduction between 20 to 30% depending on the mixing design
Can be used with microsilica, fly ash and other pozzolans
Increase the strength of concrete by reducing the mixing water
Increase concrete cohesion
Reduce the permeability of concrete to water, chloride and sulfate
Reduce concrete pump depreciation
Compatibility with a variety of cements and pozzolans


Uses of NX210 Super plasticizer:
Making your own compacted concrete
Making concrete with very high strength
Bulk concreting
Production of ready-mixed concrete
Concreting with reinforced sections
Concreting in the tropics

How to use NX210 super plasticizer:
Add to ready mix concrete
Adding concrete at batching time after adding 2/3 of the mixing water
Note: Never add to dry materials.
NX210 super plasticizer consumption:
Depending on the mixing plan and environmental conditions, the amount of consumption is about 0.3 to 0.8% of the weight of cement and cement substitutes. The exact amount of consumption is obtained after workshop tests.
Technical specifications of NX210 super plasticizer:
Physical state: liquid
Color: light brown
Specific gravity at 20 ° C 0.02 ± ۱/۰۹
Acidity: 0.5 ± ۵

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